20 hr Intensive

Trigger Point Myotherapy
Corrective Exercise and Self Care

The 5 day, 20 hour program
Monday-Friday, 8am to noon
$995 USD
$1250 USD Outside of the USA
8-12 people (4-6 tables)

Perfect for any advanced practitioner of the following:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Chiropractors who employ hands on manual therapy before their adjustments
  • Body Workers with several years of experience who can translate the points on a covered body
  • Personal/Fitness Trainers who already do manual work on their private clients
  • Yoga Therapists with one on one clients
  • Pilates and Gyrotonics Instructors
  • Rolfers
  • Naprapaths
  • Physiatrists
  • DO’s

These 5 days will instruct you on sinking great points and using your elbow masterfully!

You will learn a healthy body dynamic so you use the weight of your own body instead of muscling!

Each day will end with repeating the Corrective Exercises, and Self Treatment with your new Nola Rola Roller!

While the greater portion of the morning will consist of learning the points all over the body, giving a rotating partner points and then swapping with them, I will also be tableside, sinking a few points in you for comparison with your partner.

In addition to the long list of muscles below, the work will build on the day before until we “put it all together”.

Time permitting, I hope to add a demo each day of various “other” stuff!

  • Bed ballet for recovering stroke, PD, comatose patients and others that might be temporarily bedridden
  • Unwinding, self unwinding and spontaneous unwinding of your patients on the table
  • 2 person diagonal arm and leg pulls, and 4 person pulls just for fun…
  • Floor work, using your foot for large muscular arms and legs, in a trigger point application fashion of myofascial stretch.

At the end of our daily lab we will do the pterygoids, corrective exercises and self-care. I will furnish gloves for all mouth work.

Material to be Covered

We will begin with the large trunk muscles glutes and the 3 P’s for most back pain:

  • Piriformis, Psoas, Pterygoids
  • Quads, Anterior Tib, and QL
  • TFL, and ABS
  • Pubic Bone

In the five days these are the areas covered:

  1. Add Hamstings, Gastroc, ITT, and Adductors
  2. Upper Back: Erector spinae, Scapula, Axilla, Teres Minor and Subscap
  3. Traps, Scalenes and Levator (yes with the elbow)
  4. Lateral Scapula
  5. Pecs, under the breast tissue clothed..not even touching the breast
  6. Can we just say arms? Bicep, Tricep, Flexors, Extensors and Deltoid?
  7. SCM, grid head, hair pull (if you have long hair)
  8. Face points

Review and Recap, Questions and Constructive Feedback

Because this is for advanced bodyworkers and healers of different modalities, I assume we will absorb a lot of content each day with confidence. Your intuition will recall which parts of the body to do on your clients with specific issues. You will leave feeling great!

You will have handouts of the Corrective Exercises, and the Pain Erasure Book for future quick reference.The skill with which you will place and sink your points will be instilled in your muscle memory…and hopefully your BRAIN for backup!

Course materials to bring:

Yoga Mat,
Nola Rola Roller
Pain Erasure Book by my teacher and mentor Bonnie Prudden.
Contact me today to register for this course:
cell: 310-925-8027
email Myorose@hotmail.com
Skype: HerRoseness
Outside the US
WhatsApp: 1-310-925-8027
email Myorose@hotmail.com
Skype: HerRoseness