Advanced Myotherapy Instruction and Beyond

with Rose Kahn

Master Myotherapist

Grand Technician


Since 1997 my practice has revealed that most people regardless of their age, sport or repetitive strain injuries, all NEED and BENEFIT quickly from the same work, points and compartments.

I was fortunate enough to be a seasoned adult student in the very last class Bonnie Prudden taught. It was 40+ hours a week for 9 months! Over 1350 hours can turn out some very excellent technicians.

My naturally artistic eye and keen yet curious mind developed into an interesting journey into the work.  I simply could not follow the rules of do this first and then that,  everytime. Following a patients body, their response or lack of one, and thinking outside the box defined the path that helped me and my patients to live a more pain free life!

Another infamous character, John Barnes, BLASTED THE WALLS, of any boxes remaining in my mind right into another galaxy!
While his teaching model of several hundred in a class is far from ideal when learning manual work, his philosopy and dynamic stretches dovetailed perfectly with Bonnie’s Trigger Point Methods and her emphasis on Corrective Exercise.

John maintains you can never take someone where you yourself have not been, therefore quite a few back surgeries and broken bones seemed to qualify me for a major amount of facilitation!

At 62, rather than retirement, I look to share and teach the magic within a small and intimate setting of other allied professionals who have not yet added or mastered the trigger point technique, and the importance of adding the corrective exercise. It amazed me that 51% of the lasting success is what a person can do for themselves. The remaining 49% what a healer can facilitate completes the process of returning to your natural pain free state.

It is my clear intention that at the conclusion of either workshop, you will be confident and proficient in what you have learned. It will already be living in your heart, mind, and elbows! No notes to look over trying to remember something that later seems like a mirage. We will make good use of our time together!

I am confident that both of these workshops will enhance your practice.

When the technique is learned correctly from a master, I know your body will benefit.
Not many or any in our field get nearly enough personal work, so learning how to effectively treat yourself in ways that have eluded you is a lifelong benefit!