Bellies and Babies

All Through Pregnancy

Bellies and Babies

This is the ultimate learning quickie for:
Doulas, Midwives, Birth Coaches, Yoga Mavens, Personal Trainers
and anyone with very PREGNANT clients!

Saturday & Sunday
$395 USD
$525 USD Outside the USA

Spend Saturday learning side lying, supine and seated positional points for late stage pregnancy where tummy side down is no longer an option.
Sciatica, back pain, hip pain, leg heaviness, swollen feet, neck and shoulder tension and headaches all highlighted.


Saturday will focus on side work and supine positions. This is a small teaching model working on each other so that form is spot on from the get go. Only 4-6 tables with rotating partners, with the teacher (me) in the mix.

  • QL quadratus lumborum
  • Piriformis- grid
  • TFL tensor fascia latae
  • Serratus
  • Adductors
  • Sartorius
  • SCM, Scalenes
  • Pubic Bone..learn it and use in the last few days before delivery
  • Quads
  • Abs…:) at least you will get them done on you…
  • Anterior Tib
  • Feet
  • Axilla, Subscap, Teres Minor
  • Bicep, Extensors
  • Pecs…yes under the Breast tissue
  • Clavicle, Sternum
  • Face and Head
  • ALWAYS: Self Care and Corrective Stretch
  • ALWAYS Pterygoids (gloves furnished for mouth work)


A quick review and scheduling one or two of your clients in various stages of pregnancy to come in for a treatment.
I will be there as your proctor and helper, supporter and confidence builder!
The last hour is devoted to your new moms and dads bringing their infants up to crawling stage to learn and apply the baby stretch and exercise.
Babies sleep longer through the night, and cry less when their bodies are relaxed and their muscles are not in spasm.
Remember they are curled up and short for quite a few months before their Grand Entrance!
LIMITED Min/Max 8-12 people (4-6 tables)

Course materials to bring:

Yoga Mat
Nola Rola Roller
Pain Erasure Book by my teacher and mentor Bonnie Prudden.
Contact me today to register for this course:
cell: 310-925-8027
Skype: HerRoseness
Outside the US
WhatsApp: 1-310-925-8027
Skype: HerRoseness