About Rose


I have been a Myotherapist since 1997. I started my practice in Aspen,Colorado and relocated to Santa Barbara in early 2003.  The high desert was calling and moved me to Santa Fe in the summer of 2011.

Looking back I lived the first 20 years of my life as a tight bud. My name wasn’t even Rose. That change came with the “flower….not with the roots”. I graduated from The University of Oregon in 1974 where I bloomed as an artist. The beautiful Northwest was great inspiration and good to foster nature in the soul.

Close to 20 years flew by living a colorful and large life as MAD ROSE, ceramicist and jewelry designer near San Francisco. My work was sold nationally and around the world! After lots of travel and “schlepping”, the sleeping dragon in my muscles woke up! Trigger points lit up my arms and for 2 years I could not even lift a cup without extreme pain.

I traded every world class healer with not much relief and no lasting results. Finally, a fellow artist who performed hand surgery for the SF Symphony sent me to a Myotherapist. It took 3 months of treatment (1/8th the amount of time I suffered) and I was 100% back in the studio!

In 1995 I moved to Aspen, Colorado where I promptly shattered my ankle! The “worst” they’d ever seen. Looking at 100 pairs of high heels, I heard the surgeon say I’d be lucky to walk without a limp for the rest of my life. I defied his prognosis. The healing was very slow. Lots of internal hardware and 9 months supine with my leg above my heart and a magical new love! Hiking the Divide and reclaiming my mobility, paramount.

Chronic pain changed my personality and quieted my spirit…….With lots of time to think I realized this was a very dramatic way to get the message – time to change my career at mid life. After 5 months of traditional therapy, I took my crutches and went back to SF for Myotherapy. After 3 treatments, I had better results than 48 sessions of PT. Luckily, I found a Myotherapist near me and spent the next 9 months in treatment. One more surgery for hardware removal and 1 year later I moved to Tucson for a year.

After 22 years in Stockbridge, MA., Bonnie moved the school to Arizona. It offered a 1350 hour full time program. I was in the last official class graduating in 1998. Taught by Bonnie Prudden herself, 40 hours+ a week for 9 months felt like boot camp. Two years post accident, I still needed sneakers for floor exercise yet graduated barefoot, and strong. Empowered by the healing, principles, knowledge, and magic that was given to me there, carrying Bonnie’s Legacy is a privilege and an honor. Bonnie Prudden passed away in December of 2011, a month shy of turning 98. She had lovely posture and an engaging will and spirit to the end. She is missed and revered by all who have been transformed by her achievements.

The Aspen years gave me a full fledged accounting of how amazing this life/line of work really can be. I had a beautiful clinic on 8 pristine acres in Emma. Movie stars, professional athletes, and other body workers peppered the array of everyday outdoor people with common problems and rare ones. I treated hundreds of these interesting cases and characters ……..the wildest and woolliest who also became my friends.

My therapy partner/ team mate was beloved my yellow Labrador, Rumi. For 12 years  he calmed children and charmed adults who valued the presence of the animals. He  learned that not everyone enjoyed his presence, so he was content to sulk in another room. Sadly Rumi went to The Rainbow Bridge on June 30th, 2012, after a valiant fight with cancer.

Blossom was ready to step into his shoes/paws after watching him from a bed in the corner  for the last 6 years. She has moved right under the table where he used to relax, offering her calm and zenlike spirit to all as they release their pain.

Rumi passes the Therapy Wand to Blossom!

Rumi passes the Therapy Wand to Blossom!

She is also now embarking on training Spirit, our newest year old pup to the pack!

Studying with a few other masters whose work dovetails with the essence of myotherapy has tempered my skill and honed my intuition. I have grown in order to also reflect that compassion and wisdom to the people who find their way to me for help.

How this relates to facilitating your healing is simple:
I can’t lead you where I have not previously been. Therefore, I’ve been to Hell and back. I don’t force an agenda onto you. I simply begin……..and then I follow where your body signals leads me.
That’s your body’s language and infinite wisdom…….where it needs the work to release the pain (often not originating from the pain site at all)!
I am a proficient interpreter of that speak.

And lastly let me offer this:
Gift yourself the time to let the entire sessions be about you………and for you.
If you’re curious about my other interests or me lets go to lunch or take a hike.
Too much talk dilutes the potent work to be done for you!

Blessings on your path.