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Myotherapy Sessions
No oil is used and natural fiber, loose clothing is suggested. Using the elbow, trigger points (highly irritable or hard spots in the muscles) are located and dissolved with an amount of pressure that is tolerated by the patient. Held for 7 seconds to a minute, slight modifications of the angles and technique usually produce an end to the pain-spasm-pain cycle. Deep circulation is amplified and the muscle fibers return to their original resting length.

  • The first session is 2 hours
  • The second session is 1.5 hours
  • The third session is 1.5 hours
  • Later sessions are determined as needed.

Specific corrective exercises are then employed by the patient 4-8 times a day for several minutes. These exercises retrain your muscular memory as you experience a pain-free body with greater balance and range of motion.

Learning your limits and distinguishing the difference between therapeutic pain and injurious pain is significant. As a highly skilled and intuitive therapist, I will assist you on your journey working at your own rate to pass through your current blockages  holding or armoring patterns your body has adopted. Remember that this is not a natural state, rather a place one finds themselves residing while trying to ignore or cope with pain and limitation over time.

Bonnie Prudden pioneered this method in 1976. Bonnie was treated by Dr. Janet Travell (famous for trigger point injections), Bonnie replaced the hypodermic of procaine and saline with her elbow! She also saw the wisdom of adding easily taught specific corrective exercises. Her athletic and professional association with Dr. Hans Kraus, Kennedy’s White House doctor (orthopedics and exercise physiology) launched her into the public domain with “The Report That Shocked The President”! Eisenhower formed the Presidents Council on Youth Fitness as a result.


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