The Corrective Exercise Program: Key to Permanent Pain Relief

The Corrective Exercise Program:
Key to Permanent Pain Relief

The corrective exercise program component seems to be the key to long term pain relief achieved over a short period of time. Exercise has indeed long been used for pain control. It is a known mood elevator and allows patients to become actively involved in their recovery. But it is also true that for many patients with pain due to active trigger points, exercise is initially not a viable option. However, once the pain factor is removed, most people will find exercise enjoyable.

The homework exercise program is tailored to the individual needs of each patient and includes progressive range of motion exercise (warm ups), muscle strengthening and flexibility routines. These Bonnie Prudden exercises are easy to perform, should not elicit any pain, and are to be done frequently throughout the day, preferably to music. The exercises are reviewed during each session. Towards the end of the treatment program, patients are coached to engage in a regular physical fitness activity such as walking, swimming, water exercises, etc., appropriate to their lifestyles. The exercise program is thus the key feature distinguishing Myotherapy from other pain relief methods, such as trigger point injection, application of the TENS unit, and acupuncture, which focus mainly on modulating sensory inputs.